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With a population of 1,267,344 (2018), Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the 3rd largest municipality in Canada.The main areas of activity in Calgary include financial services, energy, film & television, technology, transportation & logistics, health, aerospace, retail, tourism, and energy sectors. Calgary has also been recognized for it’s high quality of life and is consistently ranked one of the most livable cities in the world. As a Canadian owned company that has been operating in Calgary and surrounding areas for over 50 years, Matco Calgary Movers is proud to offer the residents and businesses of Calgary efficient and reliable moving services.

Our History

Matco Movers was founded in 1966 and is one of Alberta’s oldest and most experienced moving companies. Our strive to better serve our customers needs is what set us apart from our competitors. As Matco grew and evolved over the years, our commitment to customers hasn’t changed. We are proud of our long history of satisfied customer and grateful for the repeat business and referrals we receive from satisfied clients.




Calgary Moving Services

Domestic and Local Movers
With over 50 years of experience, Matco Calgary Movers is ready to help relocate you and your family to any city no matter the location or time of the year. Leave the stress of moving to us, our trained and experienced movers will deliver your belongings safely and on time to your new home.




International Movers
Matco Calgary Movers is part of an international network of over 6,000 agents ready to help you relocate to any international destination. From documentation to clearing customs, our moving consultants have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in all steps of an international move. Our international services include pre-move planning, document and paperwork, partial packing, full-service packing, transit insurance, automobile & commercial transportation, and more.



Office and Commercial Movers
Matco Calgary Movers understand the importance of a smooth business move. We have the knowledge and experience to relocate your business in a cost-effective and timely manner so your downtime is minimal. Our commercial and office movers have the right equipment and supplies to ensure every move is done right. Our specialty office and commercial movers can relocate computers, photocopiers, furnitures, documents, files, storage shelves, furniture, medical machines, and much more!



Bonded Storage
Our bonded storage services are ideal for international customers who are shipping their belongings to Canada. Our bonded warehouse facilities are not only regulated by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) but are 100% owned by Matco Calgary Movers and also temperature controlled. We have a team of trained international import coordinators who are ready to help you every step of the way. We have bonded warehouses in Calgary, Edmonton, and Yellowknife.



Climate Controlled Storage
Whether you need to store your expensive artwork, wine, antiques, electronics, family heirlooms, or other belongings, Matco Calgary Movers is ready to store your belongings. Our 40,000 square foot temperature-controlled warehouse is well equipped to store your belongings at optimal temperature and humidity so you can rest easy knowing your belongings is safe.