The rising popularity of Uber has led to spin offs for every imaginable service including moving services. Whether you don’t want to do the research into moving companies or just need a few spare hands, there are now apps that can accommodate your needs. Here are the top apps to help plan your next move:

1. Moving Waldo


    • Free to use
    • Internet, TV, and home phone set up at your new address
    • Transfer or set up new insurance coverage for your new home
    • Update address for governments, bills, reward programs, etc.
    • Chat support available

Moving day is not the only challenge that comes with a move. What comes after is often overlooked. Thankfully Moving Waldo is the ideal moving app to save you tons of time on paperwork. With the ability to painlessly update your address, find new internet/tv/home phone, and set up new home insurance, Moving Waldo is your go-to app for app to make your next home move as easy as possible. Best of all it’s free to use and there is live chat support available.


2. Fetch It


    • Find help with moves, storage, junk remover, and others
    • Payment is done through the app
    • Ability to rent a driver/vehicle for up to 8 hours
    • Rating system for drivers
    • Support for missing/damaged items during a move

Fetch it is an uber style app built for moving help. Where Uber delivers a passenger from point A to point B, Ftech it delivers your belongings instead. You pay your driver through the app and can rate them on their services as well. This app is perfect if all your belongings are packed and ready to go but you don’t have a truck/van available. Unfortunately it’s only available in GTA for now but they are looking to expand.


3. Adam


    • Hire helper for any services including moving, yard work, indoor work, etc.
    • Free to use
    • Flexible payment option (Cash payment is available)

Adam is an all-purpose app not only for moving but any gardening, handyman, or any other type of work where you need a spare pair of hands. Whether you need help packing, loading, or unloading, Adam is a great app for that. The downside is there is no insurance and it may be hard to procure the right vehicle through the app. Otherwise it is a handy app when your friends and family are magically unavailable during moving day.


4. Virtuo


    • All-in-one app for home buying/selling and moving
    • Personal assistant to plan and coordinate your move
    • Documents all stored on app

Virtuo is a middle-man type app that connects you with realtors and professional moving services. When you use their app, they connect you with a personal assistant who will help find you professional help based on your budget and needs. Once approved, they’ll set everything up for you and all documents are stored on the app. If you just want everything taken off your hands, Virtuo is the app for you.

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