We live in an era where there is more social and personal mobility than ever before. On the one hand, that’s a definite benefit when it means having the opportunity to make it big with a brand-new job or business opportunity, or else traveling abroad as part of your own personal adventure. On the other hand, when moving away from friends and family, it can be all too easy to feel alone and isolated. Human beings are social creatures, after all, and they are thus used to maintaining a circle of confidants. If you’re wondering how to deal with moving away from friends and family, this quick guide can help elucidate matters and thus help you rise to the challenge.

  1. Communicate Often

One of the most important factors to consider when dealing with moving away from friends and family is the fact that you actually have an easier time doing so in 2019 than you might have had in previous eras. We live in an era that is characterized in large part by connectivity facilitated by the many means of communication that are available to us today. To that end, one of the easiest ways of dealing with your big move is to remain in contact with the people closest to you. With email, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other such means, you can keep in close contact with people halfway around the globe. What’s more, with the advent of Skype and similar apps, you can even talk to these people “face to face.”

  1. Get Settled

Just as important as retaining ties to your old life is getting settled in your new one. You’ll never really feel at home in your new location if you don’t allow yourself the chance to get settled and experience your surroundings in their own right. Decorating the room in which you are staying to reflect your personal tastes, becoming acquainted with your new surroundings, getting to know different people in the area – all of this can help you get settled, and thus in turn become more integrated into life in your new home. This, in turn, can help you deal with any separation anxiety that you may have with respect to your old circle of friends and family.

  1. Reduce Stress

One of the most important things to remember when considering how to deal with moving away from friends and family is that keeping your stress level down is of paramount importance. That is naturally easier said than done. That said, some of the most important tips one can take to heart to reduce stress during this period includes:

  • Getting out regularly, as fresh air and activity can help ward off anxiety and depression
  • Establishing a new routine to help you feel more at ease with your new surroundings
  • Making sure that you eat and drink regularly, as a pack of proper nutrition can lead to anxiety
  • Doing activities that you enjoy so as to help acclimate yourself
  1. Remain Social

For as important as it is for you to remain in contact with your old circle of friends and family, one of the best ways of dealing with moving away from friends and family is to remain social and thus be on the lookout for new friends and connections. If you are moving for a job, don’t be afraid to talk with your new coworkers. If you are moving for university, remember that part of the university experience is all about branching out and talking to new people. If you are moving for your own reasons, you might want to try heading down to social hangouts like the pub or galleries.

  1. Arrange Visits

Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure that you arrange to visit both your old friends as well as any new ones you might have met. Not only can the social interaction help, but planning the visits can give you a sense of control over your life, which can be a huge psychological step to take when it comes to becoming more acclimated with a new area and thus dealing with your move in a positive way.

All this and more can help you make the next big move of your life in a more positive fashion.

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