People are going to want to make sure that the places that they are moving into are as clean as possible. Nobody really wants to move into a house that is dirty and disgusting. While there are some services that are designed to help people move, load, and unload belongings, there are also some moving services that focus on giving your new home a deep cleaning. These services are some of the best choices that a person can make when it comes to deciding what to invest money in.

  1. You Will Need to Clean the Ceiling Before the Floor

As with many other things that a person needs to do around the house, sometimes tasks are best done from top to bottom. When a person cleans the cobwebs off the ceiling, dusts off the light fixtures, and makes sure that there is nothing on top of the cabinets, cleaning these areas can cause dust and dirt to drop down onto the floor below. While this isn’t too much of a problem, it can end up causing an unnecessary amount of work when a person chooses to clean the floor first. By choosing to clean off the ceiling and other higher areas, a person can get even more done when he or she gets down to cleaning the lower areas of the house.


  1. Clean Rooms One at a Time

Just as many moving services will clear belongings out of rooms one at a time, people need to deep clean their new houses room by room. This reduces the chances that a person will get distracted with something and end up hindering the progress of the deep clean. By going through each room at a time, a person can also prepare himself or herself for materials that he or she will only need for that specific room. For example, kitchens will need materials that are designed to clean appliances such as fridges, stoves, and sinks whereas bathrooms will need toilet cleaners. Remember that each room needs to be cleaned from the top down to ensure that there will be no extra time wasted on doing a second sweep of the floor.

  1. Bring Disinfectant — A Lot of it

There are many, many areas of a house that are going to need to be disinfected. Anything with a tile surface is going to need to be disinfected particularly well as mould, grime, and dirt can wedge themselves between the cracks of the tiles. Wood and metal surfaces are going to require different types of disinfectants so people need to prepare for that as well. While using a disinfectant cleaner, people are going to want to make sure that they are wearing latex or rubber gloves as the cleaning chemicals can bother the skin. Some rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, are going to need an extra helping of disinfectant because those rooms are pivotal to the house. Nobody wants to cook in a dirty kitchen or bathe in a mouldy shower.

  1. Clean the Floors Last

Because cleaning from the top down is going to put a lot of dust and dirt on the floor, people are going to want to save the floor for the last part of the deep cleaning process. By saving the floor for the last part of the clean, a person can save himself or herself quite a bit of trouble with unnecessary tasks. For the actual process of cleaning the floor, vacuums are usually good for the corners of wood, tile, and linoleum floors. One the vacuum is done, mop up the rest of the dust on the floor. With carpets, steam cleaners are the most efficient option. They can be either purchased or rented out. Steam cleaners will remove allergens and improve the overall air quality of the room, making them a better choice than a vacuum for a deep clean.


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